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Get to know embodied learning
Get to know iMO-LEARN


iMO-LEARN is a smart cube that gives students the opportunity to move while learning. It creates variety in the teaching materials and lessons. These won’t be more complex, but more fascinating, both for the teacher and for the students.


There are many sides to the iMO-LEARN: it challenges students and teachers to create more and more active learning methods on a daily basis. We’ve already developed 3:



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Dynamic sitting

iMO-LEARN doesn’t have any straight edges, which promotes dynamic sitting and encourages students to move considerably more than in a standard classroom setup.

Thanks to its lightweight structure, it is possible to modify the class organization in an easy and creative way. We have already developed four basic configurations that are easy to set up in the classroom: circle, semi-circle, dialog circle, duo chair. Consult the brochure for more information.

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Active analog learning

  • Activity Manual

We’ve developed 100 basic exercises in various knowledge and movement domains to make students and teachers fully aware of the possibilities of iMO-LEARN. Try and use them as a basis for designing new exercises yourself. All the exercises are bundled in an activity manual.


  • Building Constructions

We’ve also developed a set of 40 building activities for iMO-LEARN to help students practice teamwork and spatial orientation. It includes building constructions that students need to recreate. They have to pay attention to the number of iMO-LEARNs and the dots to build an identical construction. 

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Active digital learning

  • Digital module

Equip the iMO-LEARN with a motion detection module (MDM) to transform your classroom into a digital learning environment. The MDM uses a Bluetooth® connection to send movements to the online learning platform i3LEARNHUB. The teacher connects the MDMs with the iMO Connect software.

  • iMO Quick Quiz:

Use the iMO Quick Quiz to create an interactive quiz in i3LEARNHUB. Your students can show their response with the iMO-LEARN by using the iMO symbols. The system automatically detects the answers and the results are immediately displayed in i3LEARNHUB.

  • Activity Builder:

You can also activate your students with interactive exercises in the i3LEARNHUB activity builder. Build your own activities and assign them to your students. You can choose from a variety of working methods: word finder, categorization, gallows, memory, puzzle, …