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The primary school Omnimundo, located in Antwerp, features a challenging and varied pupil population; a large number of pupils have disadvantaged backgrounds and families who speak foreign languages, thus lacking a homogeneous structure. Therefore, there is a strong need for differentiation and individual learning processes to ensure maximum learning gains for all pupils at the school.’

The use of software materials in the classroom offers an effective solution for the problem. By providing tailored programs, students can receive optimal and effective learning support.

Therefore, Omnimundo decided to invest in i3 solutions. Our learning platform i3LEARNHUB makes lessons more engaging and offers pupils individual learning and development opportunities. The digital learning environment allows teachers to create lessons, tailored to the needs of their pupils, which allow them to work and learn at their own pace.

i3LEARNHUB has a positive impact on teaching at Omnimundo: increased interaction between the pupils, more active lessons and stronger visual support. Pupils are very focused and make effective and purposeful use of the materials to follow the lessons. The intuitive interface allows pupils to easily adapt to the software and use it smoothly. The variety of exercises allows them to learn the study materials better and at a deeper level. Teachers are very excited about the effect of i3LEARNHUB: “their learning results improve and their learning gains are major. Our pupils are engaged from the very beginning!”

Source: Case study i3LEARNHUB in Omnimundo primary school