Invite the world into your classroom

BETT 2017 in retrospect 

BETT 2017 was a magical experience for our team. Why? Because we met you of course!

And also because our stand very much resembled a fairylike forest. Two walls were entirely covered with forest wallpaper and if one looked closely, one could even see gnomes up the trees. However, one thing that couldn’t go unnoticed, was the giant unicorn on the rear wall, referring to an exciting project we’ve been working on. This outdoors scenery was completely intentional. We used it to promote i3LENS, our scanner app which allows you to take pictures outside the classroom and open them immediately in our i3LEARNHUB platform.

Welcome to our story

The i3-Technologies stand was divided into four different corners, each with a different educational purpose. Together they told the full educational story of our company. You, as a visitor, tumbled into it at different stages, depending on your interest. You were welcomed by our dedicated team members Alex, Ben, Anneke, Lieven and Davy, who each embodied a significant part of our story.
Alex welcomed you to discover our new i3TOUCH Excellence, an interactive display with improved technology offering a unique touch experience. Anneke showed you i3LEARNHUB, our open collaborative learning platform, and demonstrated how you can interact with students and engage them in your lessons. Lieven explained how you can easily share lessons within i3LEARNHUB with different mobile devices and submit your finished assignments. Ben introduced you to our i3BOARD 135” and demonstrated how easy it is to collaborate in class with this whiteboard. Its massive size makes it easy to work with different users on the same surface. Lastly, Davy showed you how you can incorporate movement in the classroom with iMO-LEARN, our smart cubes, and create a flexible learning environment for students.

Moved by learning

The solutions at our stand that attracted by far the most attention were i3BOARD 135” and iMO-LEARN. The large size of the i3BOARD stood out between all other whiteboards in the BETT hall. However, visitors weren’t only impressed by its size. No, in fact they were equally impressed by the multi-user functionality, which is made possible by i3LEARNHUB, and allows up to four users to simultaneously make exercises on the whiteboard. But that’s not all. Visitors were astounded by our AR tools as well. They enjoyed watching Ben draw different shapes effortlessly on the whiteboard with the protractor triangle and compass. Drawing on the whiteboard has never been so easy.
iMO-LEARN attracted a lot of attention with Davy’s live demo sessions. He showed you the innovative possibilities the cube has in store for education by inviting both children and adults to play movement activities with the iMO-LEARN. He also let them play activities on the digital board by equipping the iMO-LEARNs with motion detection modules and connecting them to i3LEARNHUB. The modules allow you to make words on the digital board by turning your iMO-LEARN. This adds an entirely new dimension to learning. With iMO-LEARN we stand on the threshold of a revolutionary new learning experience.

On the threshold of a revolutionary new learning experience!