Extend the warranty of your projector lamp by registering here
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Lamp warranty only covers defective lamps. Broken lamps (e.g. fallen projector), damage related to wrong usage and luminosity loss are not warranty covered. If you have a defect lamp, please claim this lamp by sending it back to your dealer and provide the following information.

  • Projector full serial number
  • Projector led status (see manual)
  • Lamp hours (see manual. Menu: "Options -> lamp settings". To display the lamp hours, a spare lamp is required. Therefore it is advisable to have a spare lamp at hand.)
  • Picture of the projector filters: do not to clean the filter before taking the picture.

Notice: A lamp defect due to overheating related to polluted filters is not covered by the warranty extension. Please clean your filters regularly! In the projector manual is described how to clean your filters. Please clean the filters every month (every 100-250 hours depending on the circumstances of the room).
The projector has a filter clean reminder function (see manual) and it is advisable to assign a responsible person for regular filter cleaning. It is important to start cleaning filters from the start of the projector use. Lamps that suffered from polluted filters for some months at the start are very vulnerable.


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What does the serial number look like?
The serial number has 17 digits and begins with "i3PP"
Example: i3PP3303WX6030180

Where can I find the serial number?

  1. You can find the serial number on the box of the i3PROJECTOR
  2. You can find the serial number on the bottom of the projector
  3. The serial number is located on the invoice of the projector